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Initial interest towards baking

Unlike other kids of my age group, I never had the dream of becoming an astronaut, scientist, actor, singer or even dancer. Baking was my cup of tea. 


When I was 8, I baked a cake with my friend. To my surprise, the cake tasted good. That was the day, I decided to explore baking. 


The friend who baked along with me gave up after the first time. She lost interest. I continued to bake with my mom. 


What did I do to improve my baking skills?

It was initially hard for me to cope up with school lessons and baking classes. Now, I find it interesting and challenging as I believe in rising above the ordinary. 

I took up baking classes seriously. 

I am also interning under renowned chefs at premium hotels in Chennai. 


I often tend to hear stories of inspiring Entrepreneurs from my parents. 

Eventually, my aspirations to start a brand was born. 


Four Seasons Pastry

I started Four Seasons Pastry in September 2019. The name denotes seasonal colours and flavours used in Cupcakes. The brand envisions setting up a culinary institute in India for the underprivileged. 


The baking kit and the science behind

Four Seasons Pastry has come up with a baking kit. The kit uses a STEM mechanism. 

The kit helps kids to bake cakes without any guidance from the internet and smartphone. 

Currently, the kit is under research to convert it into a subscription model.

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