Kids today are often conceptualized to belong to the “gadget geek” gen often seen with electronics in their hand. Be it your mobile phone or your tablet, they seem to be inseparable. Society often takes to blame for their workstyle and not having time to focus on their kids. Associating the kid’s addiction with such modern-day gadgets to a distasteful upbringing is quite a wrong blame to burden. Let’s not forget the stereotype of the parents not having time to cook a tasty snack for their kids! 

How good would it be to spend time with your kids, make them focus on something indispensable, and if it was possible to do all that while baking something nice for your family?

The Vinusha’s Baking Kit is the ideal choice to not only cut short your trips to the nearby bakery but also to make desserts at home handmade to your liking. Your battle with keeping your kids away from the addiction of a mobile phone/tablet can be aided with the kit, helping them focus on a new hobby and cultivate survival skills by doing so. However, it can also work the same wonders with a pressure cooker or an oven under parental guidance if needed.

It is not easy to bring a balance between work life and spending time with the kids. We hear you and that is where our “activity book” comes into play.  The month on month activities are primed to bring that special bonding time with your kids and would involve not more than 30 minutes of your time. It would be to help your child understand the instructions better during the initial stages after which the activities would be self-driven to the end by them.

The Vinusha’s Baking Kit is an ‘All in One’ beginner’s guide to baking. The kit comes with the necessary baking ingredients, a mini baking book for the concerned procedures, and a beginner’s read up to understanding the science and basics of the baking kit. Aimed towards kids between the age band of 7 to 10 years, the Vinusha’s Baking Kit is built upon the ‘S.T.E.M’ idea which when abbreviated stands for ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths”. The basic idea of the Vinusha’s Baking Kit is to help kids learn the various verticals of basic education, while they carry on with their newly found interest in baking yummy treats. The kit also comes with an activity guide giving your kids ways to explore and experiment in baking making it more fun and productive. To keep the kids hooked, the activity guide carries new tasks and experiments every month. 

The activities are age-specific, and the child’s age would be a mandatory criterion when opting for a subscription. The main goal of the activities would be to engage children based on their age group. You can always feel free to upgrade or downgrade the activities as per your child’s need. With all the fun and joy in baking, adults wanting to give into a new skill set can give it a try too!


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