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  • What is the Vinusha’s Baking Kit

    • The Baking Kit is an ‘All in One’ beginner’s guide to baking
    • Packed with necessary baking ingredients, mini baking book, a beginner’s read up to understand the science behind baking.
    • Aimed towards kids between the age band of 7 to 10 years
    • Built on STEM Ideology when abbreviated stands for ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Math’s”

    Why should you opt for one?

    • You can avoid getting bakes and goodies outdoors and bake one for yourself at home
    • Spend time, bond more with the kids while baking with them
    • Helps kids cultivate healthy mindset, new hobbies and explore new skill sets
    • Keeps them away from generic distractions like mobile phones and tablets
    • Puts Science and Math’s from school to practical test, while having fun baking yummy treats to feast on.
    • The kit also comes with an activity guide giving your kids ways to explore and experiment in baking making it more fun and productive.
    • To keep the kids hooked, the activity guide carries new tasks and experiments in every Baking Kit.

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